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Curate A New Patient Experience With PatienTel

PatienTel is dedicated to serving the specific needs of the medical industry. Through cutting-edge technology and unparalleled support, we help your healthcare organization deliver a new level of healthcare.  

Phone System Features

How Our Features Benefit Your Practice

The healthcare industry is often fast-paced and high-stakes. Convenient, intuitive, and experience-benefitting tools are game changers in providing the best care possible. PatienTel’s robust voice platform delivers those tools to help you do healthcare better! 

Auto Attendant

Patients are quickly directed to the appropriate healthcare professional for easy and responsive communication.

Seamless Communication

Allows healthcare professionals to easily collaborate through our team chat and messaging feature.

Compliant Video Chat

Offer secure telehealth appointments for convenient patient care while also meeting HIPAA Compliance.

Analytics & Reporting 

Easily run reports for quality assurance and determining peak hours to properly staff for your highest call volume times 

Secure Text Messaging 

Utilize secure SMS for patient communication and appointment reminders, providing a seamless patient experience. 

Solutions for your needs

Communication Solutions To Simplify Patient Care

We ask a lot from our healthcare providers, from quick emergency services to personalized and thoughtful care, there’s a lot on your plate to handle. That’s why we offer cutting-edge, future focused solutions to meet your needs and make giving superior patient care as seamless as possible.  

woman using a yealink phone at a desk

Phone System Solution 

Our feature-packed, cloud-based phone system offers a superior experience for your patients and healthcare staff.  

  • Voice Mail To Email 
  • Auto Attendant/IVR 
  • Secure Virtual Fax 
  • Private & Redundant Platform 
  • & More

POTs Replacement Solution 

Our future-proof POTS replacement gets you up to date, saves you money, and gives you a more reliable communication system.  

  • Multi-Connection Options 
  • 24X7 AI Powered NOC Monitoring 
  • Data encryption For Security & Protection  
  • Updated Fire & Security Alarm Systems 
woman talking with headset

Omnichannel Contact Center 

Our omnichannel contact center solution allows your healthcare professionals to deliver next-level care to your patients with PatienTel 

  • One Convenient Platform 
  • Simplified Call Management 
  • Convenient Appointment Setting 
  • Multi-Channel Communication Options 
Case Studies

Real Word Examples Of PatienTel Success!

PAI Medical

PAI Medical Group provides hair transplants and non-surgical hair restoration options to the Nashville and surrounding areas.

The PAI Medical team had trouble with past providers because the support technicians used industry language that was hard to understand, leaving them confused, out on a limb and looking for a solution that worked for all their needs, including support.  

Another challenge PAI faced was monitoring staff performance. Without a clear and easy way to track performance, it was hard to tell where issues were and how things could be improved.  

PatienTel is driven by a genuine passion that can be felt immediately through its employees and company culture. PAI Medical found the support and communication with PatienTel easy, convenient, and helpful.  

“Their technicians explain the technology in a way that is easy to understand.  They make you feel comfortable asking questions and make you comfortable with the process, from setup to training, and everything in between”  

The intuitive and easy-to-use PatienTel dashboard allowed PAI to utilize call reports to analyze staff performance and quickly make changes to enhance the experience of their patients.  

Icarus Addiction Care

Icarus Addiction Care is a Nashville based addiction facility empowering their patients with tailored care, an innovative approach, and cutting-edge medical solutions.  

Confirming appointments with patients proved difficult for Icarus. This left gaps in their schedule, leaving physicians and staff with uncertainty and undo stress. By having a patient miss an appointment, it leaves open appointment slots that could’ve been filled with other patients in need. Icarus needed a simple and reliable way to connect with patients for appointment confirmations.  

PatienTel’s  secure text messaging feature gave Icarus Addiction Care the answer to their appointment confirmation struggles. With secure text messaging, Icarus was able to contact their patients in a way that was convenient and made it easy for them to respond.  

“Confirming appointments with patients has never been easier with texting from the DID”

Now Icarus can schedule appointments with confidence and confirm them with a reliable, easy, and convenient communication tool from PatienTel. 

Premier Foot & Ankle

Premier Foot & Ankle is a Tennessee based patient-centered treatment facility helping patients get back on their feet and improve their quality of life through individualized care, innovation, and compassion  

Premier Foot & Ankle serves patients at multiple locations creating a mobility issue for its providers. These care providers need to be in contact with each location to ensure the best care is being delivered.  

Premier Foot & Ankle’s providers utilized PatienTel’s robust platform to streamline operations and communication. This allowed Premier the flexibility they needed to easily redirect incoming calls to another phone number when traveling or changing locations.  

This is particularly important for the healthcare industry to ensure providers have the connection and availability for important patient matters, regardless of where they are physically located. 

Ready To Deliver Superior Heathcare With PatienTel?